Tips and Tricks to Troubleshoot Poor vSphere Performance

If you have worked with the virtualized infrastructure for a while now, you probably know too well that VMs inevitably start to have performance issues. Luckily for those who use VMware vSphere, there’s a chance to find out more to fix such problems or even prevent them!

Building FreeBSD File Server

A decent file server is a must-have for any more or less successful business venture. However, it has to correspond to the specific basic requirements, which is most commonly not taking to many resources and offering easy and efficient access control management. Wondering how to build such a file server on ESXi? Look it up here!

NIC Load Balancing on ESXi host: ESXCLI is the go-to choice

Network traffic is one of those things that are vital for your workflow in all ways. However, the sad truth is that equipment fails, and if you don’t want anything to disrupt the work, you ought to have a backup plan. Find out from this article how to load balance network traffic between the physical NICs on ESXi host.

Upgrading VCSA 6.5 to 6.7u2

The perfect infrastructure could never exist, but our goal is to move towards one. Learn from the comprehensive guide about upgrading VCSA (VMware vCenter Server Appliance) 6.5 to 6.7u2, and explore a lot of new benefits it offers!

ESXi Firewall Rules Configuration

As the title is speaking for itself, it is quite clear that today, I am going to discuss various methods to open and close firewall ports on ESXi hosts. It is useless to consider whether configuring firewall rules is harmful or not since every admin once in a while meets the necessity of fine-tuning network to distribute access rights. So, you ought to know all the tools at your disposal one way or another.

VMFS Datastore on a USB drive

As an admin, I often have to deal with the necessity to transfer large OVF and ISO files or even move virtual machines (VMs) between ESXi hosts that have poor network performance or disposed in different locations with no network connection whatsoever.